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A few years ago I was asked what the cone thread was for in the Beginner Sewing group on Facebook. The proper answer, of course, is that it is the thread that you would use for a serger. However, when I started sewing again, I was on a very limited budget, so my mom taught me this little bobbin winding sewing trick that I thought would be worth sharing.

So, what is my bobbin winding sewing trick? Check it out in this (terrible quality) video I made a few years ago for Beginner Sewing group members for a visual on how to do it…

This bobbin sewing trick is great because buying cone thread is a cost saving. The thread itself is cheaper – sometimes the local store by me will have these 50% off… I stock up! It is also a good trick for when you are making several bobbins at one time. Regular spools do not have as much thread on them, and the cones have plenty to keep the bobbin winding party going!

What is Cone Thread?

Defined by the wonderful Google search: Cone thread is intended for use on a serger or coverstitch machine. Compared to a medium-sized spool of regular thread that contains about 500 yards, cone thread contains 3,000 yards. Additionally, cone thread is significantly cheaper per yard. These reasons make cone thread an attractive option for use on a sewing machine.

What is a Bobbin?

I am going to again share the google search definition for this – mostly because the word flanges is kinda funny. A bobbin is a spindle or cylinder, with or without flanges, on which wire, yarn, thread or film is wound.

I know that really isn’t very insightful to understanding your bobbin, but hopefully you have read your sewing machine manual to learn about your bobbin specifically.

Save this trick for later on Pinterest here…

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