Learning new skills does not happen overnight. It takes time… and a lot of it sometimes. Here are some tips & tricks to keep you from discouragement as a beginner sewer if things are not going as you had hoped…

  • Don’t start off thinking you will be making a wedding gown. Start simple.
  • Pick a project that has ONE challenge, not a bunch to overwhelm you right out of the gate! Once you master that one challenge, add in a new one for your next project.
  • Measure twice, cut once. A rule I learned from doing home remodeling project.
  • Don’t rush your projects. Learn the value of patience.
  • Practice on scraps.
  • Speaking of practice… each time you repeat the skill or technique it will become easier and look better.
  • Realize that you might need to actually iron your fabric along the way. This step, believe it or not, can make the difference in a project looking homemade vs. more professional.
Tips & Tricks to Keep You from Discouragement as a Beginner Sewer: STEPS TO TAKE

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Start with a simple project like these scented sachets.

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