Sewing Loop Turner Hook

We are approaching spaghetti strap season. Have you tried to sew any of these fun little straps yet? Sure you can take your time using your fingers to turn your projects, perhaps try some tweezers, even poke around with a pen or pencil. Test your patience and take your time. But did you know this helpful tool existed? The sewing loop turner hook is not only great for turning little fabrics, you can also use it to pull your ribbons or ties thru your projects as well.

Here is how you use it

If you have the same amount of patience as I do (THE SLIGHTEST) or if you find yourself getting frustrated with these little straps and pieces, I would say give this a try!

I’d love to hear reviews on this from fellow sewists. Would you recommend this product? How do you utilize your fabric turner?

Joan Mantini

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