So, you want to make a quilt? I know this can seem very overwhelming for a beginner just starting out sewing. For me, the fact is, I love quilts. I admire all things about them. But I really do not have the ideal set up, or knowledge to take on a large quilting project. However, a few years ago, I found a way that I could easily manage making a quilt on my “regular” sewing machine, using two methods that were easy. After watching numerous YouTube videos, I took a few of the techniques for quilting as you go and blended them together in my own way to show quilting as you go simplified! The video I put together shows how I connected my blocks after I had them quilted.

DISCLAIMER: I’ll admit, video tutorials are not my forte’, however, this was made upon request for the members of the Beginner Sewing group on Facebook when I first started sharing how easy this was for making your own quilt with a “regular” sewing machine with the group. It is a much friendlier way of working with smaller sections to accommodate for a smaller work area as well.

Before you get started…
  • Decide what design you would like for your individual quilt blocks.
  • Assemble your block layers – top, middle batting (if desired), back.
  • Quilt the layers together (see the second video below to learn more about free motions quilting – an easy quilting method for beginners!).
  • Cut your connecting strips (measurements are in the simplified video).
Quilting as You Go Simplified
Free Motion Quilting

After I made quilting as you go simplified video, group members asked me how I quilted the blocks, so I did a terrible, but quick video to show how easy that was as well. There are of course FAR better videos on YouTube that show how to do free motion quilting! I had JUST learned this method when I shared it so I wanted to give a true beginners perspective. So, if this is something you think you would like to try, I would definitely browse around YouTube to watch how some of the beautiful work and get some advice from the experts.

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