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LIVE & Learn with Lily

We are excited to announce that The Great Bra Sewing Bee’s instructor, Lily Fong will be joining us LIVE for a Q&A with our Beginner Sewing group on Facebook! Prior to Lily joining LIVE for a Q&A members will have access to her class from last year’s Great Bra Sewing Bee on fabric utilization. The video will be streamed directly to the Beginner Sewing Facebook group page. A Q&A will be available after her presentation as well in the VIP Club Afterparty Video Library.

The Details

Wednesday, July 7 at 7:30 pm  EST

This event will be streamed LIVE in our private Facebook group.

Cost:  Free

Who is Lily?

Lily Fong, M.Ed. is the owner and lead designer of LilypaDesigns.  She helps people achieve their dreams – of a well-fitting bra – through her PDF Sewing Patterns, Blog, Sewing Community, Online Courses and Sewing Supplies. Her patterns pieces are designed to mix and match different sizes to better match individual body shapes while the Instructions read like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book.

Lily has studied multiple drafting methods and strives to help as many people as possible into comfortable bras.  Her love of teaching and penchant for data led to a different method of selecting bra sizes – one that depends on breast measurement instead of chest circumference.

When not pattern making or interacting with clients, she can be found on various crafting adventures with her three boys – babywearing the youngest with coffee in hand.

Joan Mantini

About Joan Mantini

After several years of being the Facebook page owner at Beginner Sewing, I noticed there was a desperate need to have a single go-to spot for members to be able to find answers to their common questions, get some useful tips & tricks, as well as find reputable places to purchase sewing products online. Taking my role as a trade publication editor by day, and combining it with my knowledge of frequently requested beginner sewing advice, I created www.beginner-sewing.com. An outlet that gives new sewists a free digital magazine geared for entry level sewing as an extra bonus!

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