Learn to Quilt with Beginner Sewing Ambassador Rachelle Craig

Beginner Sewing is excited to announce our newest Ambassador Rachelle Craig. Coming in June, you can learn to quilt with the help of her six-part video series, where she breaks down quilting from start to finish.  The 8″ blocks in this quilting series can be easily converted into a table runner or a quilt as you gain confidence. Rachelle’s VIP Club Ambassador series will be broken down into 10-15 minute videos, kicking off in June with lesson one.

Lesson 1-6 Breakdown

  • Lesson 1: Background Info
    1. Basic supplies
    2. Quilting Terms
    3. Yardage vs precuts
  • Lesson 2: Prepare to Start
    1. Reading Patterns
    2. Color
  • Lesson 3: Cutting
    1. Ruler reading
    2. Safe cutting practices
    3. Sub-cutting
    4. Focus cut / scrappy
  • Lesson 4: Piecing
    1. 1/4″ seam
    2. Nesting seams
    3. Pinning
    4. Chain piecing
    5. Pressing technique
  • Lesson 5: Preparing to Quilt
    1. Choosing batting
    2. Quilt sandwich
    3. Basting; spray vs pins
    4. Marking quilt lines
  • Lesson 6: Quilting & Binding
    1. Easy Quilting Designs
    2. Adding a label
    3. Binding

Feeling overwhelmed or confused about where to start?

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