Sewing 101… Did you just get your machine and want to know what to do to get started. There are so many great tutorials on YouTube, but I know it can be overwhelming. One that I found to be a great break down is the five day course from Made to Sew that offers an introduction to help you learn the basics of sewing. It is a brilliant series of courses that can help you get started.



If you are ready to jump right in, head down to the daily breakdown series in this post. If you aren’t quite ready yet, save it here on Pinterest for later…

Day 1

This video will help you learn the basics of sewing such as:

If you liked Made to Sew’s Day 1 lesson on sewing, check out their other videos… a video a day, then it’s time to play!



Day 2

Day 2 walks you thru the basics of fabrics:

  • Tips on preparing fabric;
  • Pinning patterns and cutting out; and
  • Techniques on how to easily mark your fabric to prepare for sewing.


Day 3

Day 3 walks you thru some stitching and trouble shooting such as:

  • Sewing basics for stitching on the sewing machine;
  • Pinning techniques;
  • How to solve tension problems; and
  • How to improve sewing accuracy.


Day 4

If you made it to day four of sewing school, congrats! This video will help you:

  • Learn about the other stitches available on the sewing machine; and
  • Zigzag and 3-step zigzag.



Day 5

Your last day of sewing school will cover:

  • Tips and techniques to help improve sewing accuracy;
  • How to sew curves and corners; and
  • Matching seams and professional pressing.


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After several years of being the Facebook page owner at Beginner Sewing, I noticed there was a desperate need to have a single go-to spot for members to be able to find answers to their common questions, get some useful tips & tricks, as well as find reputable places to purchase sewing products online. Taking my role as a trade publication editor by day, and combining it with my knowledge of frequently requested beginner sewing advice, I created An outlet that gives new sewists a free digital magazine geared for entry level sewing as an extra bonus!


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