How to Transfer Embroidery Designs

Embroidery can be done in several ways. You have your classic hand embroidery, embroidery machine embroidery, and free-motion embroidery. We will talk more about those various types in a future post, for now, for now, let’s talk about how to transfer embroidery designs and some products that can be helpful for your more elaborate embroidery design transfers. Yikes… I said embroidery a lot there!

Just as there are several ways you can embroidery, there are also several ways you can transfer your designs onto your fabric.  One way is to simply draw it yourself. You can use a vanishing pen, or even a washable Crayola marker. If your fabric and design allow it, you can simply trace it. If you are having trouble seeing the design thru the fabric, perhaps taping it to the window would help so light can pass through, or you can trace your design by placing it on a lightbox. Or you can transfer your designs using a vanishing embroidery transfer.

Vanishing Embroidery Transfers

In the video below you can see how this process works.

*NOTE* The process for our Light, Dark, and Vanishing Fabric Transfers is different! Be sure you are watching the right video before following these steps!

Light Transfers:…
Dark Transfers:…
Vanishing Transfers:…

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Try it out

You can try out your embroidery transfer method of choice with some whimsical designs found in this Whimsical Hand Embroidery Template Printout now available right in our shop.

Whimsical Hand Embroidery Template Printout


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