A trending question right now in the Beginner Sewing group on Facebook is “what can I make for a man?” This is why for today’s tutorial I chose a gender and age-neutral tutorial to post.  Everyone uses sunglasses! All you need to do to learn how to sew a sunglasses case is pick the appropriate fabric for the person this case is being made for, then follow the steps below.

Another alteration to this tutorial to consider is to add a lobster hook to it.  Better yet! Make a matching beach style bag that they can clip the sunglasses case right to. A bonus gift!  Check out this easy tote bag tutorial if you agree.


1 fat eight (11” x 18” or 28 x 45 cm ) outer fabric.
1 fat eight lining fabric
1 3” x 8” ( 7.5 x 20 cm) piece of contrast fabric
Fusible interfacing
Quilt batting, or fusible fleece
1 button
1 x 5” (12.5 cm) piece of decorative elastic or a hair tie will do.

Cutting list:

Refer to cutting diagrams below.

From the outer fabric:
Cut two 4” x 8.5” (10 x 21.25 cm) with fusible interfacing applied

From lining fabric:
Cut two 4” x 8.5” (10 x 21.25 cm) fused with quilt batting. You can use regular quilt batting and a little basting spray or fusible fleece.
Cut one 3” x 8” (7.5 x 20 cm) with fusible interfacing applied.

From contrast fabric:
Cut one 3” x 8” (7.5 x 20 cm) with fusible interfacing applied.

For the main body of the pouch:
Use diagram 1 to  trace a 1” square on each bottom corner with an erasable fabric marker and carefully cut out. Repeat for both 4”x 8.5” outer fabric pieces and both 4”x 8.5” lining pieces

For the envelope flap:
Mark the center bottom of the 3” x 8” contrast and lining fabric. Next mark 1” from the top on each side. Connect these lines to form a triangle, using diagram 2.


Making the envelope flap:

Pin lining and contrast fabric right sides together and sew, pivoting at the corners. Leave the top seam open.

Clip corners, turn right side out and press. Use a blunt turning tool or chopstick to help poke the corners out neatly.

Top stitch close to the edge of the envelope flap.

Attach the button in the centre of the point. I like to attach the button now rather than once my pouch is finished because while the flap is still open I can hide my knots on the inside of the lining.

Making the pouch:

Fold the piece of elastic in half and secure the ends by twisting a piece of thread around them.

Pin the folded elastic in the center bottom seam.

Pin outer fabrics right sides together and sew both side and bottom seams.

Pin the 1” corner seams together to create boxed corners and sew.

Turn the pouch right side out.

Repeat steps 1 to 4 for the lining fabric but leave an opening of approximately 3” in the bottom seam for turning.

Trim back the fused batting as close as you can to the seam to reduce bulk.

There is no need to turn the lining right side out.

Pin the envelope flap right sides facing to the back of the main pouch and baste stitch together.

Place the outer pouch inside the lining, right sides facing, pin and sew the top closed.

Carefully trim back the batting as close as you can to the seam to reduce bulk.

Turn the pouch right side out through the opening in the bottom of the lining fabric and give it a good press.

Slip stitch the opening in the lining fabric closed.

Top stitch all around the opening of the pouch.

Slip the elastic over the button to close and you’re all done!

If you found this tutorial a little confusing, stay tuned for a video demonstration on how to do it.
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