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Members within the Beginner Sewing group on Facebook having been asking for more fun ways to learn how to sew, and in 2021, I promised I will give them just that. This is the first sew along, of I hope many more to come.  Sorry I am not brave enough to do it live! However, having this prerecorded will allow you to sew along at your leisure. If at any point in the tutorial on how to sew a headband with a twist you find yourself stumped or can’t quite get what I did, feel free to comment and I can do my best to help you out!

I picked this tutorial for a few reasons, but primarily because I find many beginners are intimidated by sewing with “stretchy” fabrics. This is a nice small, quick project that will give you instant gratification in your work. It is also one that once you master, there might be a decent market to sell your items! And finally, I chose this project because chances are that even if you do not have jersey knit fabric on hand, you have an old t-shirt that you can recycle into something new! Who doesn’t love an upcycle/recycle sewing option?

All you need is:

  1. Jersey knit fabric or an old t-shirt (two pieces approximately 21″ x 5″ will do the trick – a little extra for the back cover if you nave it))
  2. Your sewing machine
  3. A stretch needle
  4. A cutting tool and flat surface

Sew along with me and learn how to sew a headband...

Sewing Checklist

  • Two pieces of 4-way stretch fabric cut 21″ x 5″
  • An extra piece measured by “eyeballin’ ” if you are making the bonus step
  • Change needle on your sewing machine to a stretch needle
  • Fold the fabric in half like a hot dog with the right sides (printed side) facing in
  • Sew along both edges
  • Flip so the right side of your fabric is now on the outside
  • Lay one piece over the other like a +
  • Fold each end to meet each its “partnering” end
  • Line all 4 edges together and sew them
  • Trim your seam
  • You are done here unless you would like to do the bonus piece to cover your exposed seam.
Joan Mantini

About Joan Mantini

After several years of being the Facebook page owner at Beginner Sewing, I noticed there was a desperate need to have a single go-to spot for members to be able to find answers to their common questions, get some useful tips & tricks, as well as find reputable places to purchase sewing products online. Taking my role as a trade publication editor by day, and combining it with my knowledge of frequently requested beginner sewing advice, I created www.beginner-sewing.com. An outlet that gives new sewists a free digital magazine geared for entry level sewing as an extra bonus!


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