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We have added a new component for beginner appliquéing to our website.  I would like to introduce you to our new printables segment designated for beginners interested in learning to appliqué and take their projects to the next level!

What are printables you ask? They are basic PDF designs that you can print off right from your computer for free. You can cut them out, and add your designs to any of your projects.  Appliquéing is a great technique to learn to take your project you have already mastered up to the next level and a great way to personalize projects as well. It is also one of my favorite ways to use up scrap fabric!

Printable Demonstration and Appliquéing Introduction

More Beginner Appliquéing Techniques

More Beginner Appliquéing Tips

  1. Choose a thread color that matches your fabric. If it is a multi-color fabric, try to pick the one that will blend the best. This will make the fabric the main focus verse the stitching.
  2. Start your stitching at a pointed section or corner.
  3. Take your time and go slowly, especially around the curves.
  4. Do not pull or tug your fabric as you are sewing. Use both hands to guide and direct it. Pulling or tugging can result in broken needles or misshapen fabric if it is stretched out.
  5. Layer your fabric pieces and start sewing with the bottom piece first. Add the layers one at a time if the edges overlap. This will give you a cleaner edge.
  6. Use pins to hold your pieces in place. Do not sew over your pins! You can use fabric glue to hold your pieces down, however, keep in mind that if are working with smaller fabric pieces, and you get too close to the edge with your glue, it can harden and dull or break your needle. If the glue is not dry all of the way and you sew thru it, this can cause your needle to get sticky.
  7. Pick designs that are simple shapes to start with. This will give you more practice with the movement of appliquéing.

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