It is December 22, about the time of year I start overthinking and over making random things to have at my house to pass out to the kids on Christmas. In today’s search for new ideas, I found an abundance of candy cane holders that are absolutely adorable. With so many DIY candy cane holders, how do you choose? Simple… I didn’t. In this post, I have compiled several of my favorite to share and help inspire you with ideas of how you would make your own.  Yes, I know some of these are embroidery designs, or available to purchase thru Etsy, however, I am sharing them because they can still lead to creative ideas on how you can make your own design if one is not free.

If you do your own interpretation of one of these candy cane holders, please share it with us in the comments or in the Facebook community group Beginner Sewing.  We would love to see it and hear how it went.

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DIY Candy Cane Holders Found on Etsy

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Making your Own

If you noticed a DIY candy cane holder above that you would like to give a try… go for it! Items like these are quick to sew and easy to develop your own pattern for. My suggestion would be to have your candy cane handy to use for your measurements. Then piece by piece, build your candy cane holder.

For most of these, felt will make a good sturdy fabric to use. Also, worth noting is you might not even need your sewing machine! Some of these can be done with fabric glue.  If the pieces are too small and you do not feel comfortable sewing them on your machine, grab your glue and have at it.

Happy Holidays & Happy Sewing!

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