By Christine Torosian

What if I told you that you can sew, crochet, paint, solder, and sand your way to an improved mood that will last until tomorrow? A scientific study in New Zealand found that engaging in creative behavior leads to a better mood that can last until the next day!

I’m Christine Torosian. I’m a health and life coach and I specialize in helping burnt-out moms reignite their passion for living. I’ll let you in on one life-changing secret I share with all my clients…

The first action step I set for all of them is: Devote 30-60 minutes a day to time that is only for you. Use that time for a bath, journaling, exercise or- yep, you guessed it- Crafting!

Crafting is especially effective because by partaking in hobbies and creative pursuits, we are able to cultivate self-expression, allowing us to feel a stronger sense of purpose and positive self-identity.

The challenge most people bump up against is they think they don’t have time to be creative. If I had a dollar for every time someone says, “I would love to get back into _____, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day,” I’d be able to retire early (and create all day)!

The real problem is we’ve prioritized the needs of others before our own desires. We’ve crowded out ourselves; not hard to do in today’s world of high demands and pressure to perform. But the truth is, we make time for what matters most to us. It’s up to us to decide if what matters most is living a life with personal meaning, or living life trying to satisfy the expectations of others.

Self-care isn’t selfish. There is much truth to the idea that you cannot pour from an empty cup. When we prioritize our own interests, we feel greater authenticity or uniqueness about what we have to offer the world. Self-expression through creativity fosters a sense of being seen and understood. And when that desire is fulfilled, we are better able to give without feeling resentment.

Plus, there is something truly beautiful about spreading paint across a blank canvas or pulling vibrant strands of thread through an embroidery hoop. It is impossible not to feel connected to something greater when you tune into your creative spirit. Don’t believe me? I dare you to set aside 30-60 minutes for seven days and see what happens. You might just find happiness is just a cross-stitch away.

Joan Mantini

About Joan Mantini

After several years of being the Facebook page owner at Beginner Sewing, I noticed there was a desperate need to have a single go-to spot for members to be able to find answers to their common questions, get some useful tips & tricks, as well as find reputable places to purchase sewing products online. Taking my role as a trade publication editor by day, and combining it with my knowledge of frequently requested beginner sewing advice, I created An outlet that gives new sewists a free digital magazine geared for entry level sewing as an extra bonus!

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  • bloginfo922 says:

    Love this! So many people don’t realize what self care really is. I am a firm believer that self care is necessary in order to be better for the ones you love. Great post 🙂

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