I probably go thru dozens tubes of Chapstick / lip balms every year because I put them someplace “I won’t forget”. One day they might all turn up? However, until that day, I stumbled upon this Chapstick holder tutorial that I thought was really great for beginner sewing members. The video is easy to follow, and this is a great way to use up some of your scrap fabrics.

This Chapstick holder allows you to hook your holder on your keychain, purse, backpack… anyplace visible. Also note, if you do not have snaps, you can replace the closure with some Velco easily.

You can print off the pattern from Sew Much Ado by adding it to your shopping cart. No monetary information is required to receive it.

Perhaps you are not ready to make this project yet, but want to save it for later? Find it here on Pinterest…


Keychain Chapstick Holder Tutorial

  1. Cut fabric/interfacing as instructed on pattern pieces.
  2. Trim ¼” from all edges of interfacing (to reduce bulk in seam allowances) and fuse to wrong side of main fabric.
  3. Right sides together, match and pin raw edges of main and lining pieces. Stitch around all edges, leaving 2-3” opening on one long edge.
  4. Trim corners, clip curves, and turn pieces right side out. Use sharp point to ensure neat corners. Press flat, turning raw edges of opening ¼” toward wrong side, and topstitch 1/16-1/8” from pressed edges around all sides.
  5. Follow manufacturer’s directions to attach snaps as marked on pattern piece. Ensure snap placement will be correct in the finished holder before securing, with right side of snap top (female end) on main fabric right side at top of holder, and male end of snap on main fabric right side at bottom of holder.
  6. Fold bottom of holder upward along dotted line on pattern piece, main fabric outward and lining fabric inward. Check that snaps match up properly (adjust position of fold if needed), and stitch over previous topstitching, through all layers on each side of fold, forming pocket.
  7. Fold top of holder downward, lining right sides together, matching curves on each side and ensuring snaps match properly. Stitch horizontally from corner to corner at bottom of curves.
  8. Thread key chain through curved opening.

Watch how it is done here:

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