Butterfly Zipper Pouch

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Have you heard of the piecing technique yet? If not, I wanted to introduce it to you with this lovely butterfly zipper pouch featured on Singer.com.  If you are already familiar with it, you can still enjoy making this summer-themed project featuring an adorable fabric origami butterfly.

Although beginners can most certainly attempt this tutorial, I am rating it as an intermediate beginner project. Chances are you will be learning a new technique, whether it be sewing in a zipper, learning the piecing technique, or creating the origami butterfly, so knowing your way around your sewing machine is a good idea to be able to confidently learn how to make this pouch.

If you confidently know your way around your sewing machine, I would like to challenge you to add a wrist strap to this project. Who is up for it?

Supply Checklist:

4 assorted fat eighths – Fabric A main fabric
¼ yard print fabric – Fabric B lining
7” all-purpose zipper
All-purpose thread (for construction)
Sewing Bobbin
Ironing Board
Sewing Pins

Ready to Try Making a Butterfly Zipper Pouch?

Do you have all of your supplies ready and want to take a closer look at how this is made? My tip for you is to read thru the tutorial twice. If more than two things are questionable, practice them to see if you can do it before starting to sew your butterfly zipper pouch. And remember, the first one is usually a trial! Don’t be discouraged if it does not come out perfectly. The motto “third time’s a charm” applies to new sewing projects. So, be patient and enjoy learning a few new things.

Download Tutorial PDF

We would love to see your interpretation of this tutorial. Please share your projects with us! Or if there is a part you find you need a little help to better understand, ask for help from our sewing community in the Beginner Sewing group on Facebook.

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