On the top 10 most common questions beginner sewers ask is: “What is the easiest project to sew?” A beginner sewing tutorial for a key fob is definitely one of easiest (and perhaps even addicting) things to sew. It also requires very little fabric, and is a quick project that can give you instant gratification and motivation to keep on sewing.

simple sewing key for tutorial

Once you look over this tutorial from Life Sew Savory, I think you will agree! The only reason I do not recommend this project as the very first project to sew is that most beginners will not have all the supplies on hand. So… go ahead and place your order for a a ring hook (order several! I know you’ll want to make more than one). You will also need fusible fleece for this project. An interfacing that is always good to have on hand in your sewing room! Stock up. You can use it in multiple projects that call for interfacing.

Simple Sewing Key Fob

Here’s what you need to make the key fob:

Key Fob Sewing Projects
  • Fabric scraps {really! it takes hardly any fabric!}
  • Fusible fleece or interfacing
  • A ring hook
  • 1″ wide ribbon cut 4″ long

Cut the fabric 3.25″ x 12″ and the fusible fleece/interfacing 2.5″ x 10.5″. The fleece is smaller to leave a seam allowance around the fabric.

cut fleece

Position the fleece/interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric as shown. One of the short sides of fabric should have about an inch with no fleece and the rest of the fabric has about 1/4″ allowance.

fabric key fob

Fuse the fleece/interfacing to the fabric with and iron as directed on your fleece package.

fuse fleece to back of fabric

Then press a 1/4″ seam allowance of fabric over the fleece on each long side. After that fold the fabric in half and press again. Both steps are shown below.

Easy sewing projects for beginners

Sew down the long side of the fabric. Sew close to the edge and keep the seam allowance folded in. You now have a finished edge.

Cut ribbon to 4″ long.

cut ribbon 4 inches

Grab your ring or hook or whatever you are using to make the key fob and loop it on the end without the fleece. {the one that had just fabric} Overlap the fabric ends 1/2″.

Place the ribbon between the fabric layers and then wrap it all the way around the fabric. When you get back around tuck the end inside by the other ribbon end.

This should now cover and enclose the ends of the fabric and give your fob and finished look. The ribbon should be about 1-2″ above the key ring.

ribbon covers raw edge

Sew on both sides of the ribbon.

Easy sewing machine projects

Once you make one and get the hang of it then you can make 10 more!!

sewing project for beginners - key fob
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