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Yesterday in the Beginner Sewing group on Facebook, someone posted.: “Odd ??? Can you have someone install an auto threader or does it have to be built with itis there an automatic threader I can get for my sewing machine if it did not come with one?” I thought this was actually a brilliant question. When I was looking for my sewing machine, an automatic threader was on the top of my must-have list. Also, something that most newer sewing machines come standard with now. BUT! That does not mean if you have a sewing machine that does not have this feature, that you can’t do something about it. Let me introduce you to a helpful and cheap option. An option that not only threads your needles for you, it also helps you change your needle!

Take 39 seconds to see how simple this looks…

This my friends is the Dritz 253 Machine Needle Inserter & Threader for Sewing. You can get it on Amazon for under $7. And if you are loving this, let me make your life even easier… 


If you find yourself getting frustrated and spending too much time trying to get your needles threaded, I would say give this a try! Or if you are like me and feel like there just is not enough room for my hands to maneuver freely when I change my needles, this too could be for you!

I’d love to hear reviews on this from fellow sewists. Would you recommend this product?

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