Before we take a closer look at downloadable PDF sewing patterns, I wanted to tell you how, as a beginner, I decided to try them out. Although I have been sewing for years, patterns have only entered my life about a year ago. This was for the sole reason of: they were so intimidating to me! I had seen what the patterns available to purchase in stores looked like – one tear or wrong cut and it was over for that little thin sheet of tissue paper! Plus, all that writing on them and the instructions… scary! I had no idea what they were talking about. For me, it was just a set up for project failure and sewing discouragement.

However, I would see so many cute clothes patterns and always second guess my decision. I took the route of drafting my own patterns for clothes and found that was actually a great way to get started learning more about patterns and piecing them together.

Indeed, making my own patterns built a little confidence and made me curious about downloadable PDF sewing patterns. For a few dollars, why not print one out and curb my curiosity. I found one I wanted to try – looked simple enough, but I was still questioning my skill level. A bit nervous, I messaged the shop owner / pattern designer to ask what made it “intermediate beginner” vs “introductory beginner” to see if I had the skills needed and supplies needed… I DID! So I hit that purchase button. This my friends was NOT a wise decision on my pocket book, however for my sewing room it has been fun.

What I learned about downloadable PDF sewing patterns:

  • I found the shop I purchased from to be very helpful in answering my questions and making me feel like I could do it. Having the ability to ask the questions directly was a bonus.
  • I love that when you purchase a PDF pattern you literally have your pattern within seconds. Being that you are probably home already, you can jump right in!
  • Make sure you are printing your pattern off on the right size paper. Each pattern is different. Actually, make sure you read what paper size before you buy the pattern. I do not have 11×17 paper or A4 paper here. If I would have purchased patterns that required that I would have been really disappointed.
  • Read thru the pattern before you begin. Pay close attention to the fabric recommendations and supplies needed.
  • Although there are a lot of sizes to choose from with clothing patterns, some patterns will tell you how to print off your size only. Personally I just print it as is. Then I cut it to my size colored line (that will make more sense after you watch the video).
  • PDF patterns can be saved on your computer. If you lose a piece or want to print off more than one size to cut out it is far more convenient.

Take a look at what PDF sewing patterns are is all about…


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