I was recently contacted by the director of a nonprofit looking for volunteers. Although this is not something I typically post about, something about this mission spoke to me.  It is not uncommon for beginner sewiests to look for organizations to donate to. After all, mask making is what brought in a LOT of newbies to sewing in 2020. But mask making has reached its prime (hopefully forever!), and I think we can all move on now.

I am going to suggest another project that can help you build some skills as a beginner. Repetition is a great way to master sewing! And this recommendation might be a great solution for you to do that.

The Pachamama Project CIC is a recent not-for-profit initiative/organization, set up and ran by University of Bristol students. They are creating a global network of volunteers to make reusable sanitary pads from mostly donated material and distribute them to refugees facing period poverty. They started by working with organizations in Lebanon and Greece who are distributing the pads but, after receiving many inquiries from Americans eager to get involved, they have now partnered with Food Justice DMV to supply pads to refugees in Washington, which is why I was contacted.

A little background on the importance:

At the moment, many women refugees are unable to satisfy their most basic needs such as food and shelter, let alone sanitary products. They are therefore forced to use anything they can get their hands on – rags, socks, in some cases nothing at all – which can induce discomfort, infections, and feelings of shame, as well as prevent girls from participating in everyday activities such as going to school or even outside.

“Since starting up in August, we been really touched and inspired by the enthusiasm of people and institutions such as high schools, university societies and individual volunteers to help. We are hoping that you will feel equally strongly about the rights and needs of these women and will be eager to use the powerful voice you have in order to help them, and in doing so work towards diminishing some of the stigma around menstruation that still exists today,” said Oliwia Geisler, director of The Pachamama Project. 

How can you be a volunteer?

You can reach out directly to the Pachamama Project to see how you can be involved as a volunteer. thepachamamaproject@outlook.com

A video on how to make the feminine care projects being requested:

If you are interested in volunteering and practicing your sewing skills, please reach out directly to www.thepachamamaproject.org . You can also find more information to decide if this is a good project for you directly on their website.  We support their cause and mission, but please know that we are not the contact for more information.

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  • JC says:

    Thanks for posting the project need from the nonprofit! 😊. Appreciate it! I think I can do this one!

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